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South Florida Business Journal
Emerging Neighborhoods: Boynton Beach blossoms with art, breweries and development (Photos)
Emerging Neighborhoods: South Florida evolves from suburban sprawl to urban center

The Sun Sentinel
Boynton Beach Art District says goodbye to decomposing sculpture in front of former city hall

The Palm Beach Post

Daytrip Boynton Beach Art District

Mail bomb suspect visited West Palm art gallery in October

Boynton weekend events: Journey tribute, Art Walk, fitness challenge

“Generation Heroin” inspires dance performance Sunday in Boynton Beach

Miami Artist Who Faced Censorship In Pembroke Pines Moves Sex Exploitation Statement to Boynton
"The Evolution of Oppression" fits right in at Baby Whores, a group show that addresses a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. The show features sometimes-confrontational works by The Kwak, Barbie, eVol i Art, Bjorn Davidson, Cary Polkovitz, and ActivistArtistA studio owner Rolando Chang Barrero, among others. 

Florida Daily Post

The Florida Weekly

Art and Leisure

The South Florida Gay News

The New York Times
Cesar Sayoc, Mail Bombing Suspect, Found an Identity in Political Rage and Resentment​

Just two weeks before the homemade bombs began showing up in the mail, Mr. Sayoc put on a three-piece suit, climbed out of a sticker-covered white van and walked into a West Palm Beach art galley to attend a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, the gallery’s owner, Rolando Chang Barrero said.
It was 8:30 p.m. and most of the guests had already left, Mr. Barrero said. But Mr. Sayoc did not seem to mind. Ms. Miami International was there, as was the president of the Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Sayoc stayed to pose for pictures with them.

West Palm Beach Magazine

La Guia News
​October 26, 2018

The Miami Herald

Broward / Palm Beach New Times

Boynton Beach Arts District Art Walk 2015 

Leave it to a creatively inclined mind to look at a row of warehouses in a nondescript industrial area off of I-95 and see beyond the urban sprawl and instead see the possible site for a burgeoning arts district. That’s just what gallery owner Rolando Chang Barrero saw in Boynton Beach nearly five years ago. Now, the Boynton Beach Arts District is home to some of the most eclectic gallery strolls and showings of multidisciplinary art in Palm Beach County, winning Barrero and friends New Times’ designation as Best Art Walk and Best Exhibition in 2014. See what is in store for the new year when the Boynton Beach Arts District Art Walk 2015 takes place Saturday. The free revelry begins around 4 p.m. with murals, vendors, live music, open studios, and beer and wine. The art walk (held from 406 to 422 W. Industrial Ave. in Boynton Beach) also marks the grand reopening of Barrero’s ActivistArtistA studio, which closes down during the summer and reopens for season in January. ActivistArtistA will house the new show “Take a Piece of My Heart,” a group exhibit featuring relics, paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

Five Things to Do Under $5 This Weekend  2015

Still fiending for some local art after Basel? The Rolando Chang Barrero Fine Art Gallery's got your back, and closer to home. The new art space is currently exhibiting work by Palm Beach abstract painter James Rabidoux as well as window installations by German self-coined "cultural instigator" Uta Brauser.

Boynton Beach Art District Drops Burning Man Live Feed But Parties on Anyway 2013

Rolando Chang Barrero, the inspired eccentric and mastermind of ActivistArtistA -- the gallery at the heart of the Boynton Beach Art District -- had a great idea. Some time ago, he got in touch with organizers of Burning Man, the annual alternative festival/freak show/transitory community in the Nevada desert, and arranged for a live feed of events there to be shown at a companion party in the warehouses of Barrero's Boynton Beach artists' enclave.
That part of his plan for tomorrow night's gathering has gone up in smoke, like a parody of the famous desert festival's iconic concluding act. Barrero says higher-ups in Burning Man's corporate structure sicced their lawyers on him, raised questions about copyright and put the kibosh on his plan. 

Best Of :: Arts & EntertainmentBEST OF BROWARD-PALM BEACH® /// ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT /// 2013
ActivistArtistA Art Walk

Less than two years ago, the strip of warehouses off of Boynton Beach's Industrial Avenue, just a block west of I-95, was home to old machine parts, drab façades, and a couple of high-end galleries that have been around since the '80s. Now, it's nearly all filled with art. Things began to turn around for the area when artist and gallery owner Rolando Chang Barrero moved up from South Beach, turning his studio into a gallery and taking the reins on the newly developing Boynton Beach Arts District. With a crew of like-minded arts advocates including Lea Vendetta, Andrew Ackerman, Alexia Hemingway, and Chan Shepard of the KeroWACKED Crew, a growing collection of projects meant to infuse and inspire the area with art, and new galleries popping up like weeds, it's no surprise a monthly art walk brings in the community. Apart from spearheading the Bay Gates Project, which assigns a different artist to paint a warehouse gate each month, Barrero's ActivistArtistA gallery also sponsors the Boynton Beach Arts District Art Walk. Visitors can expect to see open galleries and studio spaces, open-jam musical performances, food trucks, raffles, and lots more arts-fueled surprises on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Meet the Crew of WPB  2012

We're even going to meet you guys, the KeroWACKED Crew, members Andrew Ackerman, Roly Chang-Barrero, Chan Shepherd, and Lea Vendetta. We've meant Vendetta, who is now back home after competing on the TV showInkmaster, where she shows her tattooing skills by competing for money and a nifty title. (Season premiere was Tuesday, January 17.) But we will be there to meet the rest of ya.  

​Suga Wack Live 2012 
If you felt so inclined, you could leave your wallet at home for Suga Wack’s performance at Thursday night’s Boynton Beach Art Walk. You may, however, consider bringing along some furniture (preferably a folding lawn chair) for the endeavor, because it’s going to be a long night, according to Rolando Chang Barrero, director of the walk and Activist­ArtistA. Barrero describes Suga Wack as an experimental chamber jazz band. “It’s nontraditional, like everything that goes on in my space,” he said. Nine South Florida artists will open their studio spaces for the art walk, in addition to an opening reception for a new show, “Symbolism: Pushing Boundaries.”

Sunday Painter Class 2012

Put brush to canvas and learn to express yourself with local artist Rolando Chang Barrero at his art studio, ActivistArtistA, in the heart of the Boynton Beach Arts District.
Miami New Times

​​Artist March, a Series of Protests Planned Across the Country, Started in Miami 2017

​Even though most of Trump’s legislative agenda has been blocked, he and his cabinet wield incredible power through executive orders and the rewriting of department rules that can impact the lives of adults and children of every economic background, but especially the poor. That is why artist Ronaldo Chang Barrero is planning to lead an Artist March to Mar-a-Lago. "I will be participating at the #ArtistMarch because I do not accept policy changes that would directly affect children and low-income families,” said Barrero. “Many, myself included, agree that many changes need to be made in our country, yet we must find fair remedies. We must continue to lead in excellence. We established food programs in our public schools for children who otherwise do not get the required meals that allow them to flourish. The changes to our voucher program eliminates that without remedy. That cannot happen.”

The Long and Winding Road 1995 

To accomplish these goals, Jones hired Jenni Person, who had previously worked at the Loft Theater in Tampa, as SFAC program director. Person and artist Roly Chang came up with the idea for Ground Level (est. 1992), an alternative space first located in the 924 building, where Person began organizing poetry slams and other performance events. Meanwhile, Jones sought outside funding and implemented a curated exhibition program that included work by nonresident artists.

Swelter by Tom Austin 1993​

 A Rave For Life benefit for the People With AIDS Coalition at Van Dome, featuring various door prizes and an art auction, with work from Bobby Radical and Roly Chang, among others.

​​Opening With A Bang 1993

The interior of BANG, dubbed "ocean and stars," combines the mysticism of abstract artist Gianfranco Langatta and figurative artist Kaye Mahoney with the earthiness of found-art sculptor Gerd Verschoor. The ceramic dinner plates were designed by local artist Roly Chang; metal cocktail tables and chairs were conceived by Dana Hotchkiss, also a Miami-based artisan. From floor to ceiling, including most of the clientele, BANG is either a work of art or a piece of work.

Swelter by Tom Austin 1992

Roly Chang Barrero and Olga Garay of the Miami-Dade Community College Wolfson campus, coordinating a Hurricane Arts Auction at the school's Centre Gallery, set for November 4 and featuring the work of Carlos Betancourt and Tomata du Plenty. 

Swelter by Tom Austin 1992

Acting Out: Seven Unspeakable Acts - the debut of the Island Club's new Wednesday-only performance art series "Lower East Side of the Beach" - and there were just enough jokes and psychoses. Master of ceremonies Matthew Owens, simulating a clown corpse, working the death-humor angle: "There's nothing more attractive than a disaster." Producer Joanne Butcher, wrapped in paper, beating on drums, engaged in Silence/Speech/Writing. An unappetizing artistic attitude screaming, "I want to murder what's already dead." Erotic dancer Rick Cockerell. Roly Chang-Barrero doing a heartfelt reading from the work of Reinaldo Arenas. The Goods, rock band/performance artists, presenting Five Steps to Getting Signed: An Operatic Parable About Patience. Club regular Yoda looking confused.

Rundown industrial park being transformed into Boynton Beach Art District​
Suspect visited WPB art gallery two weeks ago
Sean 'Ace' O'Connor: Boynton Beach mural honors man who died chasing adventure

​CBS News 12

Gallery owner says package bomb suspect visited WPB art gallery
​​Boynton Beach mayor to deliver supplies to Irma victims in the Keys

WPBF News 25

Cesar Sayoc visited WPB art gallery weeks before arrest
Supplies collected in South Florida headed to Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

Art damaged during Boynton Beach flooding