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Linda Behar, a Venezuelan-born artist who has been living in the US for the past two decades. Behar holds a bachelors in civil engineering, an MFA with an emphasis in printmaking from Florida Atlantic University, and is a specialist in glass casting and pate de verre. Her work which originates on paper and images are created using traditional printmaking are sometimes transformed into larger than life sculptural works will be adding time based element to her newest works using pulsing “.gif ” images reminiscent of W.K.L. Dickson and Herman Casler’s Mutoscope.

John Anderson, aka Alan Botz from Birmingham, Michigan, is media artist who's newest series of works incorporate  passages from German philosopher Heidegger's "What is Called Thinking" over select appropriations of Chagall's Judeo-Christian paintings. 

Other artists in the exhibition include: Jerome Glickman, Ana Rossi, Cynthia Holien, Marc Tucci, Victor Gadino, Janet R. Schreiber, and Jane Lawton Baldridge

Aaron Schwartz is a South Floridian native born and raised in Miami. His medium can be best described as ink painting on photographic paper. Aaron has mastered his own technique  “peeling” layers off of photographs, then combining Ink and solvents over the photo’s remaining image. Each photographic tile becomes its own composition. In many works Aaron has created, those compositions fit together in a larger masterpiece.

The Box Gallery presents a group exhibition of artist works that originated on/from paper. Rolando Chang Barrero, curator at The Box Gallery, brings together 10 local and national artists whose works are created in a variety of media from traditional paper to electronic media. The exhibition questions the role of the substrate in the creation of two and three dimensional work that was once confined to paper.