Scintilla: Aesthetics and the Feminine
An exhibition that explores the relationship between elements of nature and the power of the feminine by:
J. Glickman    S. Barton    G.Erickson
Opening Reception: March 23, 2019 | 7-10 PM ( $10 Donation Request at The Door)
Exhibition Dates: March 23-April 20, 2019 (Free)
The Box Gallery
Jerome Glickman’s use of radiant fiery crimson pastels in his figurative works allows us to enter his world as channeler of the intimate dialogues by his feminine muses; their stories of conquest, transformation, and empowerment. 
Suzanne Barton’s images are photographic captures in an underwater world that ebbs and flows lyrically with endless possibilities for our imagination to travel. Barton masterfully transmits the elegance and aura of her female subjects while suspended magnificently in her modern day mythological aquatic world. 
Gail Erickson’s clay female figures present as heart warming childlike innocents, yet they are more complex than that. The surfaces and colors of her earthen narrative creations are as engaging visually, as they are emotive. Each figure offers us a unique opportunity to contemplate both the exquisite form created and texture of the media. The figures are three dimensional portraits of youth; the surfaces— the metaphoric topographical landscapes traversed by time.

Spectrum Projects: ART CALL
Local Art Call (South Florida )
Be a part of Spectrum
Portraits of South Florida LGBT Community Exhibition during Palm Beach Pride 2019
Send us a portrait of yourself or of a member of the South Florida GLBT community you think is amazing!
We will put it on display during Pride Weekend 2019 and throughout the month!
Here's how....
First email sample of image for inclusion to curator, Rolando Chang Barrero at
Then, Bring or Send
8" x 10" FRAMED Photos or 8" x 10"Paintings by March 15, 2019 at these locations:
1. The Box Gallery, 811 Belvedere Road, WPB 33405
2. Compass LGBT Community Center, 201 North Dixie Hwy | Lake Worth, FL 33460
It's that simple to show you love who you are or, care about that special someone!

​National | International Art Call​
The Spectrum Portraits will be an exhibition...and publication of Postcards and Mail Art

Exhibition: June 2019 ( LGBT Pride Month )
We asking all people (Not just artists) to send us postcards (mail-art) of their favorite members of the LGBT community.
The Spectrum Portraits will be an exhibition...and publication of Postcards| Mail Art
The concept is to spotlight the meaningful impact the LGBT community has as seen through the eyes of the general public.
The broad Spectrum of color, race, creed, politics and religion will be represented not only in the individual Portraits, but by the individuals participating.
To create unity within our country by allowing people to celebrate each other and stand proudly together.
We make a positive impact in so many meaningful ways-to so many people, it’s way to showcase that love and respect we have for each other.
Here's how....
Any questions can be sent to
Rolando Chang Barrero at
Then, send your postcards to
The Box Gallery, 811 Belvedere Road, WPB 33405
It's that simple to show you love, care, and are proud about that special someone!

The Box Gallery

Special Events, Exhibitions, and Interviews!

Compass Community Center

Opening Reception March 23, 2019 | 7 P

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